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CheckUp can detect the most common issues amongst domestic dogs including High Glucose Levels, Kidney Failure, Urinary Tract Infection, and Blood in Urine. By using CheckUp, you can detect a health condition in time to prevent health deterioration and improve your dog's lifespan. You can also monitor your dog's health as required by a veterinarian.

High Glucose Levels

Kidney Failure (Protein)

Urinary Tract Infection (pH)

Blood in Urine

With All These Benefits

How to use

Important Notes

CheckUp is simple to use, and allows dog parents to take an active role in their pet’s health. Use CheckUp in between routine visits to the vet, or, for regular urine collection and monitoring as recommended by a veterinarian.

We recommend keeping your dog on a
non-retractable leash to ensure you are in a close proximity when urination begins.


​It is extremely important to read the results according to the outlined time frames.


Please note that the colors on the diagnostic strip will continuously change.


Refrigerated sample can be sent for further evaluation in up to 48 hours.


CheckUp is for one time use only, and should not be used for multiple tests.

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Ideal for Aging &

Overweight Dogs

60 Second Testing

Easy to Use

Do it Yourself


and Easy Disposal

Non Invasive

and Stress Free

Recommended by

Top Veterinarians

Fast and Easy


Obtain a Clean,

Uncontaminated Sample


4 Test Results

In The Box

1x Telescopic Pole

1x Detachable Metal Ring

1x Disposable Cup

This innovative twist on the industry standard method for canine urine collection provides a simple to use and assemble telescopic pole and disposable cup, which makes collecting
urine clean and comfortable.

1x Disposable Cup

1x Telescopic Pole

2x Identical

Testing Strips

repeat test with second

strip if necessary

1x Sample Collection Vial

1x Sample Collection pipette

2x Testing Strips

Compliance and Comfort

The telescopic pole extends to 60 cm, not including the length of the arm of the person conducting the test. This allows pet owners to maintain a comfortable distance from the dog while urinating, to avoid any mess or interference with the dog.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the CheckUp Kit for Dogs?

    Each kit includes a telescopic pole and ring requiring easy assembly, collection cup with lid, one pipette and vial, two identical testing strips, and a results reading card.

  • How do I assemble the telescopic pole?

    Unwrap the pole and ring. Screw the ring into the hole at the silver end of the telescopic pole. Once the ring is tightly attached to the pole, pull on the ring to extend the pole.

  • How do I collect the urine from my dog?

    Our twist on the industry standard method makes urine collection easy. Keep your dog on a leash, and be alert and ready for when they will urinate. When they begin to urinate, quickly slip the cup into the urine stream to catch a sample. Once the urine is collected in the cup, seal it with the provided lid for easy and uncontaminated transport home.

  • How do I bring the sample home for testing?

    Each kit includes a secure lid for the collection cup. Simply seal the sample and bring home to conduct the test in the comfort of your home.

  • How do I avoid messy collection?

    The pole extends to 60 cm plus the length of your arm, which allows for a comfortable distance. We recommend keeping your dog on a non-retractable leash and using instinct to predict when they will begin urinating. We also advise to wear a glove if you are nervous about any possible interaction with your dog’s urine. CheckUp for Dogs utilizes the basic industry standards for canine urine collection, and provides a cleaner, simplified version of the “Free Catch” model.

  • When is the best time to collect urine for a test?

    It is recommended to collect the first urine of the day (in the morning), or two hours after a daytime meal.

  • Why should I use CheckUp?

    By using CheckUp, you can better understand the overall health of your pet. Because many conditions do not have obvious signs, you may not know that your dog is suffering of a potentially life altering condition. By using CheckUp, you can catch a condition before it’s too late.

  • Does CheckUp replace a visit to the veterinarian?

    CheckUp should not replace a visit to your vet, or annual routine visits. CheckUp is ideal for in-between routine visits, or, for pet owners that require frequent urine collection by their vet.

  • Can I give a urine sample collected using the CheckUp kit to my vet?

    Yes. CheckUp is an ideal method for urine collection which will not change any urine parameters. Simply transfer the collected urine in the pipette to your vet as soon as possible, or refrigerate the sample for up to 48 hours and bring to your vet within this time period.

  • Can I use CheckUp to see if my pets prescribed treatment worked?

    Absolutely! CheckUp is ideal if your pet just finished a treatment cycle and you want to make sure the medicine worked. We realize going to the vet can be stressful, especially twice in a short period of time. However, follow ups should not be neglected.  We highly recommend using a kit to ensure you dogs illness has been treated sufficiently.

  • How much urine do I need to conduct a test?

    You should fill the provided vial to ¾ capacity in order to ensure that all four parameters on the testing strip are fully submerged in the sample.

  • How long should I dip the testing strip for?

    Dip the strip in the collected urine sample for 2 seconds to ensure urine is absorbed into the parameter pads.

  • Is this a test I can conduct at home?

    Certainly. CheckUp is designed for at home use. The innovative telescopic pole design allows you to collect urine in the sample cup while your dog is urinating in it natural environment. Simply transfer the sample from the cup into the testing tube, dip the strip, read results, and transfer the sample to your veterinarian for further analysis if necessary.

  • Do dogs like using the CheckUp?

    Because of the distance created by the length of the pole, you will not interfere with your dog while he/she is urinating. Other conventional methods for urine collection are invasive, which can lead to stress, trauma, and pain.

  • Once urine is collected, how should I handle it?

    Make sure the tube is sealed. You should give the collected sample to your veterinarian as soon as possible. However, urine can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours

  •  Can I use the sample for full analysis in a lab?

    Yes. Your veterinarian can use this sample for a full analysis in a lab, if properly stored in a refrigerator, for up to 48 hours.

  • What should I do if a test result is positive?

    Please call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment to learn more. We also suggest bringing them the sample you collected

  • Can I use CheckUp to regularly monitor my dog?

    Yes. CheckUp is ideal if you have to monitor your dog’s health regularly through urine. This is common for canines suffering from Diabetes and Kidney Conditions. Please visit our blog section for more information.

  • What happens if I did not read the results in time?

    Your kit includes two identical testing strips. Please conduct the test again using the second strip.

  • What is the best way to read the results card?

    Because the colors on the testing strip continuously change, we recommend to circle the color that is present on the card at the designated reading time. We also recommend detaching the car prior to reading results in order to place the strip next to the color scale, making color reference easy.

  • Can CheckUp kits for dogs be reused?

    This is single-use easily disposable diagnostic kit, and should be disposed of after a single urine sample has been collected.

  • Is CheckUp environmentally friendly?

    Yes, CheckUp does not contain any toxic elements.

  • How do I dispose of the cup?

    Simply dispose the cup the urine is collected in as you would other rubbish.

  • Is CheckUp ethical?

    Yes, CheckUp is extremely ethical like all of Coastline Global's products. Because it is noninvasive, this product maintains the highest possible standards of animal welfare.

  • What are the parameters featured on the diagnostic testing strip?

    CheckUp parameters include: Glucose (detects high glucose levels which can be a result of Diabetes, Obesity, Other), Protein (Kidney Conditons), pH (Urinary Tract Infection), Blood (reflects a condition referred to as Hematuria which can have multiple implications)

  • What does CheckUp detect?

    CheckUp is designed to provide a window into the general wellness of your dog. The carefully selected parameters detect the most common issues affecting dogs of all ages including High Glucose, Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Conditions, and Blood in the Urine.

  • Where can I purchase CheckUp for Dogs?

    Purchase CheckUp today on Amazon by Clicking Here

Reading the  Results card

We recommend having a clock on hand and a pen, so you can circle the color present at exactly 30 and 60 seconds respectively for each parameter

Carefully read the notes below before starting the test

  • The results card is located inside the box. Detach this before conducting the test for easy reading and color comparison
  • The colors on the test strip continuously change, so reading the results at the times designated on the results card is of the utmost importance
  • Once you have dipped the strip in the collected sample for two seconds, and all four squares having been submerged, quickly place the strip on the reading card for close reference to the color chart
  • Since the colors change, only the color present at 30 or 60 seconds respectively will reflect the result
  • At 30 seconds, circle the color that most closely resembles the result present on the diagnostic strip for the first 3 parameters
  • Repeat this at 60 seconds for the last parameter (blood)
  • CheckUp is not designed to diagnose a problem or to replace a visit to your veterinarian
  • We recommend you call your veterinarian for more information and consultation on the results of your test, positive or negative
  • A positive result for any of the above parameters can have serious implications for the wellness of your dog which should be discussed with your veterinarian

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