How to Tell If Your Dog Is Healthy

Getting a pet dog may be the best decision you’ve ever made. Not only will the dog make you happy and improve your life, but it will also keep you company whenever you need it. It will bring you fun moments and lots of laughter. That is why you should return the favor by taking good care of your dog. Dogs may not be able to speak, but you can watch their behavior and body language for any signs of trouble. Here are some sings which will help you tell if your dog is healthy or not:

Sudden behavior change


Do you have a dog that is playful and happy? If he is, but suddenly changes this behavior, and the dog becomes sad and withdrawn, this could be a sign of trouble. Moreover, if the dog seeks refuge and refuses to spend time with you, this too is a sign of bad behavior which can be a result of a health condition. Lethargy can be their way of expressing pain over some disease. What the disease is, you cannot know until you take the dog to a vet. Nevertheless, anything that’s the opposite of a dog’s normal self could mean that it is having health problems. This is why you should pay close attention to your dog’s body language.


Are there any changes in the dog’s physical appearance?

If your dog starts shedding its fur excessively, or you notice some bald patches appearing on its body, it could mean that the dog has some kind of skin disease. Additionally, any bumps or lumps are negative warning signs as well. If you notice them when you pet your dog, you should have a vet check this as soon as possible. Another detail to pay attention to is the weight of your pet. Any weight gain or loss is not good for the dog’s well-being. Other things to look for are changes in your dog’s ears, nose or eyes. Look for any bumps, redness, even smell can point to a problem. Eyes should be clear, and coat should be shiny.


Physiological changes

Lastly, any physiological changes such as tummy problems or breathing problems are one more sign of a potential disease. Therefore, regularly checking and taking evidence of how your dog behaves is a must. Inspect if he is eating properly, how much food the dog is taking or, perhaps, if it is vomiting. Moreover, check for diarrhoea or, if there are changes in the dog’s stool and urine. Also, listen to the way your dog is breathing. Is there wheezing or heavy breathing? Maybe coughing? Even a smallest change can mean something. Therefore, be on alert and ready for action.


How can you check all of this at home?


As previously mentioned, you should monitor your dog’s behavior and diet on a daily basis. If you cannot take your pet to a vet, you can do a few checkups on your own, in your home. You can do this with the easy-to-use CheckUp wellness test for dogs. It is simple, non-invasive, and it works fast. You get quick results just by taking a sample of your dog’s urine. There is no stress caused to your dog, which is a great advantage of this kit. With it, you can detect diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infection or blood in urine. The CheckUp kit is perfect for discovering anything early and preventing it. If you care about your little pet friend, then you should definitely try this out.



Finally, if you want your dear pet to live a long and happy life, pay attention to it. Be there for it, no matter what. Not only should you play with it and keep it satisfied, but also, keep an eye on its health. Remember: a healthy pet is a happy pet.

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