Health Risks of Overweight Dogs and How to Resolve Them

Are you taking care of your pet dog? Is he being given the best treatment? Moreover, is your little friend healthy? These are only some questions that need to be answered, and those answers need to be positive in order for your beloved pet dog to have the best life.

It is known that pets, especially dogs, are a man’s best friend. So, it is only reasonable to treat our friends the best way possible. Besides, you are, in this case, that pet’s owner, therefore, you should provide the best care for it. By keeping the dog healthy and happy, you will provide him with a longer life span. It is advised to take your dog to regular check ups to the veterinarian. What is more, the dog needs to have a healthy diet with the right foods. Speaking of, read the following text to find out what health risks your dog might have with his weight and how you can prevent or solve them.

What is really overweight and what are the dangers?

The average weight of your dog depends on its breed. Each breed has its own height and weight. For example, a small dog’s average weight goes between 12 and 30 pounds, while a large dog’s weight goes between 55 to 80 pounds. Everything under or over those marks is bad and this means that the health of your pet is in danger. One way to determine if your pet is overweight is to pay attention to its behaviour. If the dog has problems breathing or moves with difficulty, that can be the effect of excess weight. Moreover, too many pounds can cause digestive problems, as well. Unfortunately, if this state lasts for a longer period of time, your little friend’s life will be in danger. A few extra pounds can have a long-lasting effect on your pet’s health, even if he manages to shed some pounds. This is why it is so important provide your dog with a healthy lifestyle.

How to take care of your pet’s health?

Luckily, there are a few ways to help your pet stay healthy. If you start noticing any troubles with his health, you can take him to a vet and do a few check ups. Regular vet visits can help you in the long run. However, if you do not have time to go to a vet, you can always keep track of your dog’s health at home. If you are not sure whether the dog is overweight, there is a way to check that on your own. It is very simple to do. Just look at your pet’s body, and if you cannot see its ribs nor feel them, then the dog is overweight.

Another way to monitor your pet’s health at home is by using the CheckUp kit for dogs. This is an at-home, quick and simple testing kit for examining your dog’s wellness. It is an easy to use method which provides you with results in just 60 seconds. What is more, it is totally non-invasive and stress free. Also, it is disposable and doesn’t represent any threat for your environment. The CheckUp kit is highly recommended because it can help you diagnose issues like diabetes, kidney failure, urinary infection or blood in urine. The sooner you detect them, the higher the chances of curing your dog.

Your furry family friend depends on you. Therefore, you should do everything you can to make him happy and satisfied. Play with your dog, feed him the right amount of food, and treat him like family. Most importantly, love him no matter what.

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